Auto Surface Grinder

  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Model:FMG-618AD ; FMG-820AD

◆ Easy operation needs no calculation .
◆ Rough and fine feed two phase processing ensures high precision .
◆ Vertical axis is constantly displayed for easy monitoring, can arbitratily set zero position .
◆ Zero set and Zero return are available for easy handling ,just press the return key to return to original starting point .
◆ Even if the the vertical head is moved or modified from the current position , original feed setting won't be affected .
◆ Automatic transverse and deep plunge cycles available .
◆ Two plunge mode feed selections :
a) Left side feed
b) Dual side feed
◆ Vertical feed uses stepping motor control to match AD system and NC functions. Simplifies precision surface or plenge grinding opetations a great deal .