(Heavy duty Square Column type ) Semi-autoHorizontal Bandsaw

  • Model:FM-H1833SAT FM-H1833SA FM-H2232SA

Saw head is strongly supported by a Square Column size 185x185 mm (vs standard round column) with 8 gibs to accurately adjusting between square column/Saw Head and provide the ultra-stable support on Saw Head to improve high cutting accuracy in performance.

Functions : [ FM-H1833SA & FM-H2232SA ]
◆ Auto Lifting Frame
◆ Accurate 90 degree cutting
◆ Multi-strokes hydraulic vice
◆ Saw bow height auto set by descending slide bar

Functions : [ FM-H1833SAT ]
◆ Accurate cutting angle setting by motor
◆ Manual blade tension w/tension gauge
◆ Multi-strokes hydraulic vice
◆ Table movement by hydraulic
◆ Variable blade speed by frequency inverter
◆ Saw bow height auto set by descending slide bar
◆ Variable vise pressure
◆ Digital readout (cutting angle and blade speed)