Radial Drilling Machine

  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Model:FRD-1300H / 1700H

◆ Adopts the DOUBLE COLUMN (Sleeve and Column) design and roller bearing is builtin around
basement of column for extra rigidity and ensure heavy duty machining.
◆ Built with Worm Gear and Shaft design for transmission system. Energy-saving and durable.
◆ Provide powerful and fast Hydraulic Clamping for Spindle/Radial Arm/Column individually.
◆ 12 SPEEDS for wide range machining.
◆ Base is a Box-type constructed, uniform rib reinforced allows deformation free after years operation.
◆ Automatic feeding and Overload safety design.
◆ Safety protection on each transmission on spindle.

◆ Work Table
◆ Coolant System
◆ Halogen Lamp
◆ Tool Box