Universal Milling Machine

  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Model:FMU-1

◆ All rapid, power feed and coolant controls are positioned on front of machine providing fast & simple operation.
◆ All gears and shafts to the main spindle drive are hardened & ground treatment.
◆ Rigid casting of column and base for long lasting sturdiness & precision.
◆ Longitudinal “Gear Power Feed” offers 6 steps for heavy duty cutting performance.
◆ The horizontal Milling machine serves as a vertical Milling machine by moving with Vertical Head attachment.
◆ Work Table can be swiveled in horizontal direction by 45º each right & left.
◆ The machine permits a flexible use in any kind of workshop.

◆ Longitudinal Gear Box Feed
◆ Coolant System
◆ Electric Box With Control Panel
◆ Swivel Table *Vertical Head
◆ One Shot Lubrication System
◆ Work Light
◆ Drawbar
◆ Cutter Arbor (Ø27mm or Ø1”) & Sleeve